Me Designs

Do you like the finer things in life? We specialize in designer storage for your most precious collections. Those collections is your shoe- and wine collections of course!

Do you love your shoes? The best thing you can do for them is to show your love by having a beautiful storage space for them! With our designer shoe racks it’s not just storage, it’s a bragging device to show off all your loved ones…. your shoes!

So kick out your shoes and open a bottle of beautiful red wine! But don’t just take a bottle from your kitchen cupboard, display it for all to see on our practical and sexy me for you wine rack!

What Makes Us Different

Designer Storage Solutions

These Wine and Shoe Racks was not just thrown together. They are well thought out, Engineered storage solutions. For a lot of people shoes are not just to cover their feet and that is what we at Me Designs understand. It’s a statement of who you are! Wine is not just for the “rich and famous”, it’s a drink to enjoy with family and friends and there to compliment your great cooking!

High Quality Material 

These Racks are all made of 1.2mm Mild Steel that is finished with a Dark Grey Powder Coating. The Me For You Wine- and Shoe Racks are complimented with Meranti Wooden Dowels to give a nice balance between steel and wood. This combination makes a product that will last generations!

Proudly South African 

We are really proud to say that we do EVERYTHING Proudly South African. From the design through all the steps and supplier to the courier company that will deliver your Shoe- and Wine Racks to your door!

Introducing Our Racks

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Shoewee Shoe Rack


Shoes my feet ish Shoe Rack


    Me For You Shoe Rack


Me For You Wine Rack


Even More

If you don’t know what product to choose, have a look at our Choosing a Product page, or go to our Shop and buy one of the best Wine- or Shoe racks you will come across!